With the launch of the year 2021, the Modern American International School sought to launch a digitally safe school program, which is a program that aims to digitally protect all of the stakeholders and provide them with the skills and awareness necessary to protect them while surfing the Internet. And through this program, our school will provide a set of educational courses and lectures, as well as draw up clear policies that everyone must follow and adhere to.

المحاضرات المقدمة من شرطة الشارقة

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Lectures provided by the school

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Tips & advice

We all want the capability and opportunity to enjoy the things we love and security gives us that freedom to do what we do best. Create a safer environment for you and your family by adopting these simple security techniques.

  • Social Media Safety & Security.

  • Mobile & Portable devices (Risks & security).

  • Understanding Online Phishing.

  • Password Protection.

  • Black Emailing & Cyber Crimes.

  • Identity theft protection.

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مجلة اقدر للتوعية الالكترونية – برنامج خليفة للتمكين.pdf
الوقاية من الجرائم الإلكترونية اصدارات اقدر – برنامج خليفة للتمكين.pdf