Students' Tutorial 

in this section, you will be able to join your designated class where everything will be available concerned with your classroom environment. 

Which device can be used? 

If you are using a PC or laptop, use google chrome browser. Whereas, if you are using a mobile, tablet, or an IPad better to use Google classroom app which can be downloadable from Play Store or APP store. 

Requirements for using Google Meet 

How I can log in to my classroom?

To log in to your classroom, you should have a School Google account. If you don’t have one,  you should message us 



Note: All of the students should have School Google accounts (an account per person).

 Once your account is created, you can log in to Google classroom From here 

How to join my class?

Kindly watch this video to get the accurate instructions Join class 

Note: Class codes will be sent via SMS to the parents. Once received, enter the codes correctly and follow the instructions seen in the previous tutorial video. 

Dear Students,

You should all have joined the following classes by now:

If you missed any of them please message us



Important: you should check your school email inbox (… daily because this is the only communication channel between us, so if we have any changes or updates on our plans we will email you.

How to Submit a home assignment ?

Dear Students,

Depending on the assignment, you can submit personal documents that the teacher has assigned to you, create your own Google Docs, or add files to the assignment.

If you need to edit the work that you have submitted, you can undo the submission of a task. However, all home information submitted or marked as ready after the end date is marked as late.

How to Turn in from -> Computer

Click Here

How to Turn in from -> Android Device

Click Here

How to Turn in from -> iPad or iPhone

Click Here

How To Turn In Work?

Watch This Video 

How the students can check the teacher's comments on assignments (the document or picture file)?

Watch This Video 

Request Access Permission

Dear Students,

Still some of you facing problems with access files permission, especially those who are using the Classroom APP version.

To solve this problem open Google Chrome Browser => open this URL

Be sure that you are using your school email there which is (…

If you are using different Gmail account, logout from that account and log in by the school Email.

Watch here how to Logout from your old personal Gmail account (Google Chrome)

Make Chrome your default browser

If you make Chrome your default browser, any links you click will open automatically in Chrome.

Follow the steps from here

How can I check Google classroom tools and features?

Watch this video to view teachers' recent posts and check class' calendars.


Watch this video

How to fix the following errors:

Sorry something went error!!! Google email action required!!!

Read the steps from here